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Son Henry

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Two-time British Blues Award winning Lap Steel Guitarist Son Henry is an explosive front man and a great songwriter. It’s his Lap Steel playing, however, that earned him the title of "legendary guitarist" by Music Journalist Mark Dudick. He takes an instrument normally used to play Hawaiian music or old western swing and turns it into something else; a powerfully expressive blues instrument that screams, cries and brings audience after audience to their feet. We think Radio Enigma in Canada said it best:

The Son Henry Band is the best blues band in the world right now; Son himself is a master trailblazer in some of the dirtiest, skankiest, holiest hot rod of a lap-steel guitar anyone has a right to hear.

He spent ten years in Dallas and another ten years in Alaska perfecting his craft. In 2007 he relocated to Scotland where he performed across Europe for the better part of six years, racking up a few important awards along the way. In 2012 Son took time away from his music to bring his family back to the US and help his teenage boys navigate their way to adulthood. With those obligations met, he’s now back at his craft- playing the blues on an old Magnatone Lap Steel.

Selected Awards

* British Blues Awards, Instrumentalist of the Year, 2011
* British Blues Awards, Instrumentalist of the Year, 2010
* Aberdeen Music Awards, Best Live Performer, 2010

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