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The Son Henry Band is an amped up express train of beer-drinking sing along songs like some rambling cross between Chris Stapleton and Stevie Ray that’ll rattle the walls and shake the floor. Oh, and we play a couple Willie Nelson songs.


Stage Plot

To download a copy of our typical set up and stage plot click here


Band Sample: Ribbon of Tar
Solo Sample: Sackcloth and Ashes
Solo Sample: Ball and Chain


Friday night roared to life when the band took the stage.  Anchorage Daily News

Son himself is a master trailblazer in some of the dirtiest, skankiest, holiest hot rod of a lap-steel guitar anyone has a right to hear. Radio Enigma, Canada

You could have heard a pin drop in the room as the notes just dripped from the guitar and filled the room. . BluesMatters! Magazine

The new song “Sackcloth and Ashes” which was played on the lap steel and will be on their forthcoming new album brought the hall to a standstill.  Shetland Blues Festival

The deep notes about the band:

Karl ‘Son’ Henry Mann grew up listening to American Roots music back when you could still find it on the radio. At the start of the 1990’s he moved from Rochester to Dallas and found himself jamming alongside monster players like Mike Morgan, Tyrone Starks, Buddy Miles, and Sam Meyers.  He co-founded Blue Lisa and The Howling Dogs, a critically-acclaimed and painfully unsigned Dallas-based band that was a regular in the Texas clubs. When the band broke up he moved north and spent the next 10 years in Alaska, hosting a Thursday-night Americana jam and playing the rough-and-tumble bars and festivals across the last frontier. Alaska, as it turns out, is critical to the story: It was here that he learned to play the lap steel by translating the licks he'd learned from Robert Johnson, Buck Owens and George Jones records.

In 2005 he moved to Europe and shortly after arriving earned the coveted gig to open for Fleetwood Mac's founder Peter Green at the Orkney Islands Blues Festival. He became a favorite at the roots music clubs and bars across the UK that had nurtured the original folk and blues revival in the 1960’s- places like the Crawdaddy, Redcar and the Red Lion. He spent the next ten years headlining major music festivals all over Europe and the US, including the Orkney Blues Festival (UK), Gaastroblues (Hungary), Augustibluus (Estonia) and Burnley Mechanics (UK), Blues on the Green (US) and the Ft. Worth Blues Festival (US). He’s won a couple Aberdeen Music awards as best live act, won reader polls in Alaska and even won two prestigious British Blues Awards for his lap-style guitar playing. He was also the lead guitarist and band leader behind Nashville recording artist Blake Harlow. 

imageMarty York  (drums, vocals) has been Rochester’s first-call drummer for close to 35 years now, playing in a range of well-known bands across a range of styles and genres. He’s played with Watkins & the Rapiers for 25 years, and among others, the Badenovs (eclectic-rock originals), Chasen Powell (Original and Top-40 country) and the Dan Eaton Band (original American rock). He even intersected with Jim in the Insiders for a bit, and legend even has it that Marty gave them their name. You’ve seen him at the Lilac Festival, Food Truck Rodeos and countless other festivals along with openers for people like John Hyatt, Rick Danko, David Grissman, Duke Robillard and Molly Hatchett. 

imageDave Knight (rhythm guitar and vocals) is known for his 45+ years playing bass for Slipton Fell around the Rochester NY area. He has also played for the past 22 years with DbDb, the house band at West Bloomfield Congregational Church assuming duties on bass, lead, rhythm guitar and banjo as needed. Dave is also a closet guitarist favoring finger-picking techniques based on the styles of Doc Watson, James Taylor & Arlo Guthrie. This is not Dave’s and Son’s first rodeo- their first gig together was at their high-school talent. It was a great show!

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