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Radio Enigma, Alberta

The Son Henry Band is the best blues band in the world right now; Son himself is a master trailblazer in some of the dirtiest, skankiest, holiest hot rod of a lap-steel guitar anyone has a right to hear.

Southwest Blues

Big, bold electric and slide guitar playing, some rustic harmonica and, of course, the lap steel playing that is quickly defining the man as a force to be reckoned with. Son's vocal style is earthy and relaxed, the perfect vehicle to deliver his tales of love won and lost.

Play Magazine

Friday nights show peaked when Son Henry took the stage.

Shetland Blues Festival

Son took the audience through a journey from Delta acoustic blues, up to Chicago on his electric guitar and his acoustic lap steel guitar, of which is a master player. The new song Sackcloth and Ashes which was played on the lap steel and will be on his forthcoming new album brought the Legion to a standstill. You could have heard a pin drop in the room as the notes just dripped from Son's guitar and filled the room. The crowd were rewarded with an encore at the end of the set as a thank you for their appreciation.


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