Saturday, July 9

Fairport B-Side, Fairport NY

A solo acoustic show starting at 5pm.

SSunday July 10

Fulton Porch Fest, Fulton NY

Two solo sets starting at 1pm. Locatons TBA

Friday, July 22

Smokin' Hot Chicks BBQ, Fairport NY

Band starts at 8pm

Saturday, July 23

PCHO Benefit, House of Guitars

Full band, show time TBA

Saturday, October 15

Abandon Brewery, Penn Yan NY

Band starts at 3pm

Past gigs

Saturday, May 14

The Cottage Hotel, Mendon NY

A Homecoming years in the making! Band starts at 8:30pm

Saturday, May 21

I-Stage, House of Guitars

Full Band, outside and COVID-safe

Saturday, June 4

Lock Stock Bar and Grill, Bristol, NY

Bringing the show to Bristol!

Thursday, June 9

Fairport B-Side, Fairport NY

An early show, band starts at 6pm

Latest News

New Facebook page

Please follow our new Facebook page! We lost access to the old one so we're starting fresh. You can catch up new show dates and the details of the new record Click here!

New Year, New Band!

This is long-overdue. Son's working with Upstate NY music veterans Marty York (drums, vocals) and Jim Lampert (Fender and upright basses, vocals) in a new band. First gig is at the outdoor I-Stage at the House of Guitars, May 21. We've been writing and rehearsing as we prepare to make our debut. A new music release mid-summer 2022 is planned.

On the road with Blake Harlow

Son’s currently on the road playing the guitar and pedal steel with Nashville Singer/Songwriter Blake Harlow. It’s a treat to be able to lay back and play. If you get the chance to catch one of their shows together you’ll see Son playing all the things; guitar, lap steel, pedal steel, mandolin and sometimes even the fiddle. Right now dates are limited to the Houston/Austin area, but expect them to travel further afield soon!

Son’s Road Log

Catch up with Son Henry- he has some new show dates and the details of the new record, as well as the record he did with Bob Hall and Rik Lee from Blues Legend's Ten Years After, details on his road log Click here to learn more


And we are off! There’s a new EP in the works, a 5 song collection from Son’s solo and 1-man band shows. Basic tracks have all been recorded and all that’s left are some vocals and a little harmonica. If you’ve been to one of Son’s one-man band shows you’ll recognize some of the crowd favorites that have FINALLY made it into the recording studio. Tentative release date is September 1 of this year. In the meantime we need to think up a great title.

Small Fish Records, for little fish in a big pond